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Spenny performed anal sex on one of Kenny's inflatable male sex dolls. Celebrity pic naked. Spenny planned to trap Kenny in a sauna, but Kenny trapped Spenny instead while he was preparing. Kenny vs spenny naked. Unknown January 30, at 4: Three old ladies spent time with each guy as judges.

Kenny however had made a duplicate key, but his electric equipment had drained the battery. The last group of episodes staying awake the longest, who can drink the most beer are more real and are acutal competitions.

Kenny acted as an organ grinder on the street while Spenny, wearing a diaper, fez, and coat, acted like a monkey to collect money. Mature women selfie tumblr. I have PROOF that the show is fake… and im so fucking mad about it… i was the biggest fan i have seen every episode at least once and then most of them twice… i saw the boner one at least 5 times all the way through and then wen i was watching one of the other ones i only saw once, i saw something that proves that the show is fake!!!

No Leaf Clover May 29, at 1: Geoff January 30, at 2: Kenny prepared several dishes, including his mother's hummus recipe. Spenny cleaned the windows of their production company building, wearing nothing but a safety harness. Submit a new link.

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Kenny forfeited to stop Spenny from jumping off a cliff into water to prove that he has the biggest balls. Girls loving girls tumblr. Spenny was rolled down a hill in a plastic sphere with dog feces inside. Feeling guilty for tricking them, he did give them gift cards in the end. The rules of the competition stated that if they were caught committing a crime, they would be disqualified.

It is eventually interpreted to mean that weapons can be attached to the penis. Kenny vs spenny naked. The corporal decided that Spenny was too easily rattled and declared Kenny the winner. And really Bert im surprised your able to function or type bullshit with all the "meth" and "heroin" your doing.

Ye I believe sum of the episodes are fake. Spenny used a marker board to communicate and used a parabolic microphone to eavesdrop on Kenny while he slept, as he knew that Kenny talks during his sleep, but could not record any audio of him talking.

Kenny used an oxygen tank and a beeper in his ear that sounded when it was tilted to keep himself awake, while Spenny looked after a relative's children so that they could keep him awake.

Rules of the contest stated that if either vomited, they would be disqualified. Tumblr homemade sex vids. Nevertheless, the judges still chose Spenny. The crew created the "crazy wheel" where the boys had to do whatever task it landed on, such as toking , impersonating a character or solving a math equation.

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Marty May 30, at 5: After many attempts to coerce Spenny out of his tree including hiring two dwarfs made up as zombies to try to force him out , Kenny agreed to leave his tree which Spenny considered as "winning" if Spenny would do the humiliation which Kenny considered "winning".

Kenny finally lit Spenny's mask on fire, forcing him to take it off. And I have also watched their documentary movie "Pitch" from before they came up with K vs S, and and watching that I notice that they are completely diffirent persons compared 2 the K vs S show.. The boys were strapped to each other in the 69 position resulting in almost zero mobility between them.

On the day of the competition, Kenny threw a toy dog at Spenny's cow once the competition had started, sending the cow into a stampede, causing Spenny to fall off. My boyfriend totally thinks the show is fake. Spenny used a marker board to communicate and used a parabolic microphone to eavesdrop on Kenny while he slept, as he knew that Kenny talks during his sleep, but could not record any audio of him talking.

Kenny took the octopus off his head and attached the tentacles to his hat to make it look like he was still wearing it. Kenny vs spenny naked. I would like to have a show like this when we are older. Whats the story there? The first one I uploaded got a claim by Kenny.

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